Start The Day Feeling Happy And Productive

Dated: 12/07/2015

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How we greet the morning has tremendous impact on our productivity and pleasure all day long. Here are eight tips for a good start.

 No alarm. Waking up to an alarm breaks into natural sleep cycles and makes us feel groggy. Plenty of sleep helps us to awake naturally before the alarm goes off.  

Stretch. Stretch before breakfast. Simple, short exercises that increase blood flow, condition muscles and release good-feeling chemicals will provide a day-long boost.

Sit still. Take a few minutes to sit still and think of nothing. Let any thoughts that pop into your head pass through the mind and away without censure. Stillness gives power and focus to the day.

Gratitude. Gratitude changes everything. Write down five things that you like. Each morning, write five different things. Do this again before bed to ensure a restful sleep.

Food and music. As your Mom said, eat a nutritious breakfast. Follow it with quality vitamins. Play gentle music to get your brain and your spirit into gear. 

No news. Starting the day with bad news is discouraging. Commercials make us dissatisfied with life, so avoid them morning and night, the times we’re most susceptible to influence. 

Agenda. Ten minutes spent making a prioritized agenda helps to reduce vague, overshadowing anxiety. Try to do this the night before.

Ritual. A morning ritual, always the same elements in the same order, streamlines activities and ensures against forgotten tasks.

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